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Keeping Organization Simple

I know when I see a wall full of charts, baskets, calendars, hooks and file holders like this my eyes get big and I float off into another world dreaming of where I could put it in my home and how I would organize it and then I have to give myself a shake and remind myself simpler is better. I have a hard time keeping my organizing organized so I have learned that keeping it simple is much more effective and time efficient.

Here’s what I have working right now for my family:

1.  A Calendar – keep track of library days, ice cream days, school activities, play dates and more.

2.  Clip Boards – I have a clip board for each child. When they come home they take their homework and any notes from school and clip it to their board which is hanging on the wall. They then hang up their backpacks after I have reminded them 2 or 3 or 5 times that they don’t belong on the floor. When they complete their homework and I have gone over any teacher/school notes everything goes back in their backpack for the next day. Done. I can glance over at their clipboard and know everything is complete if the clipboard is empty. Oh, how I love when the clipboard is empty.

3.  File Folders – I keep a file holder like these wall files from Amazon that I have spray painted white to match my decor. In it is a file for school papers (ex. class schedule, info on upcoming events, school menu etc.) so that I can look back on them if need be. I also have a file for cub scouts and for now that is it.

That’s it guys.  After having In files and Out files and a file for this kid and a file for that kid I just realized it was too much organization and it was unnecessary.  Look at your organization. Is your organization stressing you out instead of making you feel calmer and well, organized.  Simplify it.

Psst! The wall file holder I mentioned earlier was purchased at a thrift store. I see office supplies at thrift stores all the time. If you can’t find them there check out the dollar stores around you. You shouldn’t pay more than a dollar or so for a clipboard. Keep it frugal 😉