The 3 Easiest Steps To Start A Blog

Welcome to our walk through on getting your own blog started. We are going to help set you up with a shiny, brand new, I’m-ready-to-start-posting blog. We are going to do it quickly and simply and I am going to walk you through each step.

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Disclaimer: Please note that some of the items listed below are affiliate links and that I may make a commission if you were to purchase through those links. Any company that I talk about or recommend is one that either I use or I have researched and made sure it was a company I would use.

Okay, here we go!



3 Steps To Your New Blog

    1. Domain Name
    2. Hosting
    3. Installing WordPress & Choosing a Theme


1) Domain Name

There’s a good chance if you are reading this post you have been thinking about blogging and have already come up with a few creative names for your blog. If you haven’t then try having a brainstorming session and come up with some names you would be happy to call your blog.

You will want a few different names because there is a good possibility that the blog name you want has already been purchased by someone else.

Once you have some names head over to Hostmonster where you can see if your name is available {Yep, it’s free}.

Enter your blog name in this box: domain name

 2) Hosting

Congrats! If you have completed step #1 then you have yourself a blog name that no one else has. Woohoo! {not always easy to do} Now you will need to get yourself a host. A host is a site that will store all of your posts, pics, videos, files, etc. that you will have on your blog.  They will host your files and serve them out across the blogosphere to your blog readers for you. After working with different hosting sites {and having a horrid time with some of them} I would recommend the following:

If you purchase a hosting plan you will get your domain name for free. {high five on being frugal} You will also receive a number of other goodies free but those deals are always changing so I will let you check those out yourself at their sites.

 3) Installing WordPress & Choosing A Theme

Once you have completed registering your site you will need to install WordPress. Don’t panic…they make it easy to install and I will walk you right through it using Hostmonster In case you are wondering WordPress is the software that I and thousands of others use to produce blogs. Here’s how you can install it.

Click on the WordPress logo. choose wordpress On the next page you will click on Install. install wordpress On the next screen you should see your new blog name in the box shown below.  If for some reason you don’t see your name there you can just type it in. {make sure you put the http:// in there} check domain You guys are almost done. After clicking Check Domain it will take a minute to check your site and then you will see this screen. final install Read the terms and conditions…don’t tell anyone but I just click on the box and then click on Install. You will then see this at the top of your screen: loading script When the green bar gets to the end you will have yourself WordPress loaded on your site domain name. You will need to make sure you write down these 4 things that they will show you when the install is complete (when the green bar gets to the end)

  1. site url:
  2. login url:
  3. user:
  4. password: 

That’s it…you now have WordPress installed and you can login to your site. To login go to your login url that you wrote down above. You will see a screen like this. Enter your info and log in. wordpress login Now….now comes the fun part where you get to make it all pretty by adding a “theme” to your blog. There are lots of sources to find great themes and the pricing can start as low as free. WordPress showcases a number of free themes but if you are looking for a premium theme here are some options.

TIP: Find a theme that is “responsive” this means your site will look good whether it’s on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • The Thesis Theme – Now I had already set up my own blog when I heard of the Thesis Theme and let me tell you after reading about it I wish I had found this when I first started out. I have spent hours teaching myself how to code so that I could get my site exactly how I wanted it. With Thesis Theme you just get to point and click…no need to know css coding. This is definitely one to check out.
  • Foodie – If you are starting a food blog then this might be the one for you. It is absolutely gorgeous. Is it okay to drool over a theme…maybe I’m just weird. 
  • ThemeLab – Another theme that I am in love with right now is the ModernMag theme from ThemeLabs.  psst – it’s also at a really affordable price.
  • Woo Themes – Woo Themes is a great place to try out some premium designs for free. I have used Woo Themes and enjoyed how clean their designs were and how easy they were to use.
  • Template Monster – I am adding this one only because of it’s massive amount of themes to look through. If you haven’t found what you are looking for in the other recommendations above then there is a good chance you will find it here.