A Free Alternative to the Insanity Workout

For the last two years to get in shape for summer I have been doing the “hardest workout ever put on DVD” and haved loved it.  This type of HIIT workout is not for everyone but if you love to workout hard and lose weight fast this workout will do it.  One of the things I love about it is you don’t need weights or bands or pull up bars like p90X you just need your own body weight.

insanity workout meme{via}

The only problem with doing it off and on for 2 years is that I get bored with it  sometimes and want something new. Here’s the thing…I can’t find any other DVD’s like it.  Shaun T did come out with T25 and I enjoy it but just not as much as INSANITY. Shaeu T's T25 workout frugalistasdeals.com So…I went searching on YouTube and found my answer. Before I give you the link to what I found I have to warn you that some of the images the makers of the videos use to tease you to click on their videos can be a little uhhhh…. inappropriate looking but once you start the video it is just like any other workout video.  One of my favorite workouts is the 30 Day Real Time Challenge.

if you love the INSANITY workout you will love this 30 day real time challenge and it's free! | frugalistasdeals.com

My other favorite is the 21 Day Boot Camp Challenge.. {they have messed up the playlist for it on YouTube but you can start Day 1 here.}bodyrock's daily hiit 21 day bootcamp challenge
If you like the these challenges they have tons of other videos (they put out a new one every day). The best video’s, I think, are the ones done by Lisa Marie (pictured above). So be sure to look for videos with her in it. Best part about ALL of their workouts….they are free. Awesome workouts and you don’t have to make any monthly payments! Talk about being frugal 😉

Quick Tip: they do use weights, sand bags, etc. in their videos but they are not necessary and she will say so during the video’s. If you listen/read their blog they will give you tips on how to use what you have at home.

They have 3 places you can get their videos from:
1. BodyRock.tv – (best way to see the new workout for the day)
2. The Daily HiiT – (cool website/disorganized and hard to find the workouts you want)
3. YouTube – (my favorite way to access their videos/I just put my faves in a playlist)