Freebie Guide : : Modern eBooks

If you go on the  internet and do a search for free ebooks all you get are a list of sites that offer free classic books like Jane Eyre and War & Peace. Now, there is nothing wrong with those books and I enjoy a good classic now and then but usually I am looking for a good mystery or some chickLit that I can mindlessly read.

I had such a hard time finding any modern free ebooks that I decided to do some serious hunting through the deep web and compile a list of ones that I did find… and you know what? I found thousands. Yep, thousands.

So, my frugal friends here is my Freebie Guide for the best sources to find modern ebooks for free. Enjoy!

a list of thousands of free modern ebooks you can read | 

Disclaimer: Please note that some of links below are affiliate links and that I may make a commission if you were to purchase through those links. Any company that I talk about or recommend is one that either I use or I have researched and made sure it was a company/site that I would use.

1. Amazon Kindle Free eBooks Top 100

First off you do not need to own a Kindle to read Kindle Books. You can download the Kindle App and read it on your computer, your smartphone or your tablet. It’s simple…it’s free…and I don’t know how I lived without it before. I always thought I would want to hold the actual book in my hand but apparently I was wrong. I love that when I go on a trip I can take 5 books with me and they don’t weigh me down because they are all on my itty-bitty, light weight device. here is the link to Amazon's Top 100 Free Books. Books change often... | I have a hard time spending money at all when I can get something free so most of the books I get are from Amazon’s Top 100 Free eBooks. The free books change constantly so I have bookmarked the page and I just check back in now and then to grab some good looking books. My most recent freebie was a Rio 2 book for the kids but I have grabbed mysteries, beach reads, religious books, etc.  They have it all.

2. Barnes & Noble Free eBooks

Barnes & Noble offers a wide variety of books that can be read on their Nook App.  You do not need to own a Nook to read free ebooks from Barnes & Noble but you will need to download their app which is available at iTunes, Google Play and the Windows Store.

how to get free ebooks from Barnes & Noble }

3. Open Library

This site is aaawwwesome. It is an actual online library. It works just like your local library does but everything is done online.

Here is how it works: You sign up and can borrow modern books (not just the old classics). You are allowed up to 5 books at a time and you may have them for 2 weeks. Each book can only be checked out by one person at a time (see…just like a real library) so when you are done reading it you click on return and then someone else can borrow it.

you can borrow modern books for free | frugalistasdeals.comNow I just have to sign up for this and I won’t ever have to leave my house. 😉

4. Google’s Top Free eBooks

Google Play has a large selection of Free eBooks but you can pretty much only find classic book titles and not the free modern books that you can find at Amazon and Open Library. Their saving grace is that if you check the Books link on Google Play they are usually offering a newer free book to download.

free ebooks from google

5. Book Boon

Book Boon has a smaller number of books to choose from and their books are more educational/textbooks. If you are in the mood to learn something or find some free textbooks to download you can start here. On a side note for all of the college students looking for a deal on textbooks…Amazon has a textbook rental program (it’s not free but it might save you money)

download free textbooks and ebooks |


6. Wattpad

According to Wattpads website they are the worlds largest community of readers and writers. The site has thousands of new stories being added each day. It is a social community where you can write stories and read stories. It has every genre from chickLit to paranormal to science fiction. Wattpad also has an app that you can download (scroll to bottom of screen and click on “download the app”)  to your phone or tablet or you can read right in your web browser.

thousands of free modern ebooks you can read |

7. Kobo Books

Kobo Books is another large online retailer of books. They have a large variety to choose from and they offer free books that are the first in a series. You can read their books anytime, anywhere with the free app that you can download here.

the first in a series books are free |


8. Amazon Kindle Unlimited

This is a new one that I am looovving.  As I mentioned I am a big Amazon user and I am a subscriber to Amazon Prime. It is like the best money I have ever spent. Well, they just introduced Kindle Unlimited. It allows you access to over 600,000 books and thousands of audio books I assume from Audible. Now it is not technically free but the first 30 days are. My plan is to subscribe right before my vacation. Read lots of books for free and then if I decide I don’t want it anymore or it’s not worth the $10 every month then I can cancel.

If you want to try it out just set a cancelation reminder on your calendar 30 days from the date you sign-up.

Again, you do not need a Kindle to enjoy this service just the free app.

you can read ebooks for free |


9. Scribd

Scribd is another book subscription service that offers thousands of books that you can read anytime, anywhere with their app. Again, it’s not technically free but the first 30 days are. So, you can enjoy 30 days of free books and then decide if you want to pay the monthly fee of $8.99 or not.