Start Your Christmas Shopping Early & Save Money

It’s almost October guys…do you know what that means? It is only 2 very fast months until Christmas. Believe it or not it’s time to start your shopping if you want to get great deals and prices. That last-minute shopping that we end up having to do because time just seemed to disappear is what ends up blowing our Christmas budget.

For all you busy people out there and all you procrastinator’s (yes, I am often one of them) I am going to try to help you get your Christmas shopping done this year by letting you know about great deals as they pop up. If you caught the last post it was for  Kindle Digital Magazine Subscriptions that ranged from $3 to $6. Yeah, I know, really good deal.

But, in the voice of the Price is Right guy…what good is a Kindle Magazine Subscription without a Kindle to read it on! (applause here)

image via Amazon

image via Amazon

Right now (and I think it will go quick since they have already sold over 1,000) the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 16GB, Wi-Fi, 7in in Black is priced at $99.99 with Free Shipping from Kentucky. The next best price on the web is $155. It is refurbished but I usually buy refurbished stuff and never have a problem. If you prefer a new you can check Amazon for their latest deal on one.

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While you do your Christmas shopping keep this simple Gift Giving Philosophy in mind that I saw on Pinterest. (I am going to try to stick to it this year.) When planning your gifts for your kids think of these four things: Something they Want, Something they Need, Something to Wear and Something to Read

want need wear read

Here’s a printable for you and your kids to fill out:

dear santa